Each year, a group of fluent Lakota speakers meet at the Lakota Summer Institute at Sitting Bull College to choose new words for concepts not yet existing in the Lakota Dictionary. Ben Black Bear leads this group during the LDL 350 Neologism Development Course at the Lakȟótiyapi Summer Institute.

This course develops skills necessary to create new words and phrases in Lakȟóta for new vocabulary and expressions, explores the traditional methods employed in Lakȟóta words, and identifies the words and expressions that have come into existence over the years in the process of cultural/social change among the Lakȟóta people. A thorough understanding of the culture is necessary for creating new vocabulary and expressions for use in Lakȟóta.

Those students also sit as a committee for approving and disapproving new words in Lakȟóta. Before arriving at a new word, the group brainstorms together and goes through a selection process which includes a vote.

These new words are compiled throughout the year through many sources including the Lakȟóta Forum‘s neologism thread.

We encourage you to explore the site; learn and discuss new words in the Lakȟóta language.