wotȟúŋ – positive charge (physics)

(wo + tȟúŋ) “the concept of being endowed with certain qualities” Using “tȟúŋ” to convey the English concept of being “charged”

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2 thoughts on “wotȟúŋ – positive charge (physics)”

  1. How would you compare to negative charge? A positive charge is actually a deficiency of electrons. Should this word just mean a ‘charge’?

  2. This is my logic in coining the following physics terms:
    proton – sútȟúŋ – “charged particle”
    positive charge – wotȟúŋ – Protons carry a positive charge

    electron – sutȟúŋšni – “not charged/negative charge particle”
    negative charge – wotȟúŋšni – Electrons carry a negative charge

    There may be a better way of expressing these ideas in Lakota, but this gives us something to work with.

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